Business Lessons From Expensive Watches

WSJ Expensive Watches YouTube video A commenter says nobody cares what you wear… they are too busy with their own lives. This tries to paint expensive watch buyers as delusional and somewhat stupid. The truth is, some people do notice, some don’t. Let’s just say in a certain scenario/social cirlce/context you are in, nobody noticesContinue reading “Business Lessons From Expensive Watches”

Double Standards in Reality

You cannot apply any theory (other than the one these lessons are based on… the theory that selective validation creates conviction of patterns… and based on those patterns, people’s behavior change, which arise from motivation to minimize individual guilt/maximize individual happiness) successfully to every phenomenon/scenario without hitting roadblocks/errors. And that’s fine. That is the reality.Continue reading “Double Standards in Reality”

Business Lessons From Aristotle’s Lies

There is a theory called Aristotle’s Rhetoric. It means Aristotle’s model for explaining humans’ persuasion. When I was trying to figure out what motivates people to do what they do, hoping to gain business success through it, I was quite captivated by this theory. This was mainly because of how popular it was. Added toContinue reading “Business Lessons From Aristotle’s Lies”