America’s Best-Selling Chair

How to get your ideas to spread Ted Talk by Seth Godin
The link to the video is at the bottom of the article, you don’t have to watch it, but if you do, after reading this analysis, you’ll get
Key takeaways and how without the right knowledge/mindset Godin’s talk can point you in the wrong direction (being unique for the sake of it, with eye-opening examples from the real world)
He talks about reinventing the chair, but he doesn’t talk about the inspiration behind it. He says they turned it (Aeron chair) into a status symbol, and flies past it, doesn’t talk about how it was ABLE TO BE TURNED INTO a status symbol (because of opportunity in customer’s emotional needs)
He’s a bit cocky, has snarky punchlines, ends his sentences in witty comments to get laughs, so you have to keep that in mind… not the dig-into-deep environment you get in a podcast for an example.
His examples are a bit all over the place… faults in logic everywhere.