Average Products for Average People

Seth Godin: Average products for average people
People are not out there trying to punish/reward marketers for doing their job wrong/right.
People buy for the feeling/emotional need created within THEMSELVES
So don’t try to punish/humiliate yourself for being an AVERAGE marketer… it all depends on the criteria/perspective
For someone looking for a different colored cow, a purple one stands out…. For someone looking for a cow that is not marketed using cheesy/cheap tricks to get attention (in a hypothetical scenario, purple is not going to be great (it might still stand out, but that has no value them and therefore neither to you, because they won’t buy/select it)
Stop trying to please/market to/impress other marketers
It doesn’t matter if your marketing buddies think if your idea was unique/extraordinary/wow… all that matters is people buying the product