Business Is a Myth

Stop thinking this is a game of money
It’s a game of satisfying people (no, I’m not talking about being good/ethical/holy or that crap)
It’s a game of self reflection
It’s a game of facing your demons… destroying them
It’s a game of shifting your mind/teleporting to different realities

“Business” does not exist. Business is people.
Business is emotions… insecurity… contempt
Business is you trying to be happy
Business is putting out what YOU like and hoping others will like it
Business is convincing other people to give you their money
Business is finding that place of no-guilt/no-stress
Business is doing what pleases you and hoping what you do pleases/gives value to other people… which convinces them to pay you

Business is all about listening to your feelings

SUCCESS doesn’t feel like the smell of money, the touch of plush leather, taste of expensive beef or the look of bling (sure you might feel them along the way, and you should)… success is that particular headspace (your passion) where you can feel guilt free happiness/joy/passion/absolute comfort… that’s your PLAYGROUND, where you can dance/perform/play to your heart’s content without feeling under pressure. And everyone’s playground is different. We all have unique experiences thru life.

ALL you have is your confidence (absence of guilt) to make you feel happy/keep you motivated (in your desired direction)