Business Lessons From Art

Art is ANYTHING that moves you/transforms your emotions
When people say something puts something into perspective… what they mean is it CHANGED their perspective on something
Art is literally seeing something in nothing (creating patterns)
eg. Those minimal paintings (like Barnett Newman’s zip paintings) that still MEAN something to the audience. Here, the importance of context can be seen clearly, because, if I was to paint the same thing, it won’t be sold for that much. One might call it unfair or whatever, but it is what it is… you can’t NOT feel what you feel.
eg. Banana taped to a canvas
When a facebook quote, a soap opera moment, a meme, a tree shade changes your emotions… that’s ART. The whole world is actually art… but only the ones we recognise and categorize (according to context and influence) as “art” is displayed as art