Business Lessons From Dave Chappelle

Be the Dave Chappelle/Eminem in your field
In the sense that, speak your heart out (more like, find a way to get paid to speak your heart out)
There must be many kids out there who are talking/acting/performing/rapping just like (like as in, with the same conviction/excitement) these two guys and getting called whack (which those two guys could have been seen/ended up as)… you need the right time and place and context to achieve the other half (audience part)

Be like Mighty Car Mods, in addition to doing what they love, they have a strong consistent audience base… their channel makes economic sense. That is what I expect from people who takes these lessons… not multi billion money hoarders… people who do what they love and earn enough to support their own versions of luxury by doing them. And it doesn’t have to be a compromise… like becoming a candle maker who is miserable all the time because they can’t afford a Ferrari. You can find your complete happy.