Business Lessons From Gordon Ramsay

When you have identified how a business functions in terms of passion (as opposed to money/efficiency) you won’t get stuck in situations where you will be crippled by demotivation/depression to a point where you won’t even take obvious decisions that can save your business… like the people in Kitchen Nightmares
eg. Depressed owner who keeps making sad food in the kitchen, turning a blind eye to the dysfunctionalities in other departments/employees… who can just hire a chef (without trying to save money by cooking yourself… which might feel counter intuitive at the point) and put himself in the owner/manager position to save his business and himself

Why didn’t the signs work for Mixing Bowl in Kitchen Nightmares?
Didn’t align with the image of the restaraunt
People who have already been there didn’t feel motivated to come back because their previous experience have been bad (even with Mike’s hospitality)

Gordon Ramsay and Dr Phil