Business Lessons From Patagonia

CNBC Make it Patagonia
Example of how the brand intention of the creator doesn’t necessarily become what the actual turns out to be with audience
All those counter-intuitive things Patagonia did like putting the pressure on big companies to be worthy enough to buy their products (which at the time people thought would cost Patagonia valuable customers), boycotting black friday, limiting production, edgy tags (Vote the aholes out) etc became part of their appeal. It’s not customers REWARDING patagonia for being good/nice… it was the creation/availability of an action/activity (purchasing the Patagonia brand) that enabled/made it possible for people to feel like they’re saving the planet/doing their part/being eco-responsible/better than polluters. The weird/radical/BOLD/brutally honest nature of Patagonia’s attitude to be eco-friendly has made it really convenient for people to jump on the brand heavily without hesitation. They wanted a convenient hero (as in something you can purchase to look cool and be eco-concious at the same time), and they got one.
The lesson is.. it’s not about accepting/rejecting customers or going big/boycotting black friday… what works for your business doesn’t necessarily worth with those of others and vice versa.
More/less is not better/worse. You have to look at the big picture.
Of course the leadership isn’t doing this on purpose (proof that you don’t need to guilt yourself by telling yourself you HAVE to be a leader with a CLEAR EXACT vision to succeed). The CEO says they may be alienating customers… NO! if it weren’t for this bold strategy, you won’t have customers to alienate in the first place. You wouldn’t have stood out as a FAMOUS/POPULAR/TALKED ABOUT/RELEVENAT brand.