Business Lessons From Pickup Artists

The Pickup Game movie
Picking up a girl is just like doing business (not to be confused with paying for sex/mail order bride lol)
You’re promoting your product/brand, which is yourself to audience/potential customers

Mystery saying you should act a certain way, look a certain way is totally misleading
It should come naturally, without you consciously trying to ACT (thus making you feel guilty)
What if they don’t notice your subtle movements? Are you going to do it again?
What if they catch up on your “act” and ask if you’re deliberately acting like that to manipulate them? Won’t you die a cringy death right then and there? Would you be able to return to that same venue again/face the same group of people again?
These gurus are totally ignoring how the mind works. It works on guilt/patterns based on perceptions of its reality. And you can’t un-know what you know. (walking past a graveyard telling yourself there are no ghosts)
Stop trying to beat yourself up by forcing yourself to follow these guidelines.
What you need to do is to get rid of the TRUTH/GUILT you experience about girls not wanting you (hence the extra effort). Extra effort in itself is not bad… it’s like advertising for a brand… but guilty/insecure extra effort is what’s bad (when you’re trying to find proof of your validity in the audience response).
Girls can’t get with guys they want either… they’re not gods. We are the blind leading the blind.
Some girls you will never have. Period. And that’s okay. That’s totally fine.
Would you be able to pick up a girl using these tricks? Yeah, probably. Depends on who,where you,her are. Sometimes, you may not. But that’s not the point. You don’t want a girl. You want a self-validation/achievement. You want to feel confident (which is essentially what being confident is).
You can marry a girl you “pickup” and you would still feel sad/invalid/depressed and feel like you cheated.
Herbal T has sex with the girl who Mystery broke up with that day
Surprise surprise… you treat girls like targets/goals/achievements (which is a really dumb mistake that will mess up your head)… of course this would happen
Setting yourself apart by identifying (with guilt) ALPHA MALE characteristics (which are non-existent and hard-reach patterns that ignore/invalidate a lot of contradicting things) is also dumb/unhealthy. You will scoff/mock/judge people for having beta qualities and before you know it, you become one of them when someone who is more ALPHA than you arrives. You’re building your confidence/validation on tricky patterns that will destroy you with guilt.

You’re trying to solve imaginary puzzles
Trying to find tricks/secrets… which CAN work.. but it’s not what you want at the end
Is this really how you want to find the mother of your children? Or maybe you’re just looking for flings… which is fine… as long as that’s what REALLY makes you HAPPY
Even if you do get a girl, you would be FREAKING out every single day after that worrying/fearing about how to keep her
By not meditating and diffusing your guilts, you’re digging yourself deeper into that pit
You’re always measuring your validity by how many girls you can get… which can only end in doom
You’re taking yourself deeper into a wrong reality by seeing things like “sets” etc.
These methods “work” (girls ending up going home with them) because they have their own insecurities/patterns so they’re blind to yours… which is fine in itself, but what is wrong is the GUILT
Think about YOURSELF

How to talk to girls: Dress like a cop and stop them in the street… they will ALWAYS talk to you. But this is not about just TALKING to girls… you’re trying to prove/validate to yourself that you’re worth being talked to/ getting with. EVERYBODY is valid.

You have TRICKED YOURSELF into invalidation
Why can’t you be the guy who is unattractive by normal standards when you think about it, but still is confident? (eg. Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury)
Why are you the guy who is not unattractive by normal standards when you think about it, but still inscure?

Andrew approaching random girls on the street and getting rejected left and right
He is CRUSHING himself. He will end up getting depressed.
His mind is full of guilt.

Them teaching to be dominant (which is a manifestation of the fear of being belittled/dominated/controlled) is VERY unhealthy to yourself… you will end up divorced or in a very bad marriage
This is not about being fair/ethical… because women might do the same thing to men too
This is about not losing your happiness