Business Lessons From Sadhguru

Business lessons from Sadhguru
A priest in cliche yogi/guru clothing giving witty advise to people while gathering a networth of millions of dollars and enjoying luxuries… too much of an obvious scam to work? Think again
The emotion you get when you hear it for the first time
The emotion you get when you hear his argument.. why, I can’t ride bikes and drive sports cars… which is a logical/valid argument… and gets you thinking… and makes you feel guilty… but… if you’re not going to attribute the limitations of a guru to him (if you’re going to pick apart that pattern), then you should be able to not attribute privileges/authority of one to him as well.
But people don’t… and that’s fine… that’s the beauty of life… you can see it everywhere… use this in your business

Keep check on/be honest about how our emotions change over the course of the video where a young Joe asks his questions and Sadhguru answers.
Logical fallacies in Sadhguru’s answer and avoiding questions
He did tell people to stop clapping… I think he firmly believes what he’s preaching (which doesn’t mean what he’s believing in is right) or he would have milked that applause for all its got… and also, he wouldn’t be able to pull this off for years
Feeding thousands of people everyday… he has somehow got upstuck educated prudes to cook for the poor (hollistic approach to economy where you consider ALL emotional payments that don’t necessarily rise from money)

His solution to islamic terrorism is reinstating/reforming the individual… which is obvious and true (on paper)…
When you speak about the ANCIENT SCRIPTURES… implying the ancient people were right and should be worshipped like gods… but they could have been idiots… or normal people just like us… but they did build the pyramids… but also, they didn’t last until now… the knowledge vanished… which could have happened for different reasons tho.
We think people in the recent past are idiots… babies drinking Coca Cola or smoking… but when you go further and further back… suddenly they were sages full of wisdom… where do you draw the line… this is yet another pattern we form that can mislead us.