Business Lessons From Sir Ernest Shackleton

TED talk: Earnest Shackleton’s newspaper ad… first of all it’s fake… but that is not very important… because you can imagine it working… and you can feel the appeal. Two emotional responses can be generated… this person is trying to be edgy (put the same text in a different context to prove it), or this is the real deal the opportunity for me to be a badass.
Also, the above ad (assuming it worked) goes against Maslow’s Hierarchy
Mars journey ad… you’re not paying attention to/counting the prestige aspect

What they don’t tell you about entrepreneurship | Mark Leruste | TEDxCardiff

The reason behind the rise of the entrepreneur cannot be attributed directly to superstar entrepreneurs like Elon Musk… clearly the appeal is in a better life and therefore entrepreneurs have been a thing since long ago (give examples). But, the emotion he is getting at is…

Also, just like insert example, people don’t/can’t see ONLY the downside (the long hours) of something when they start it
No, the appeal behind people who supposedly applied to Shackleton’s idea/Mars one/US army cannot be considered to be similar to the one behind people trying to become entrepreneurs (odds/risk is not nearly the same) (Watch the ted talk for clarification)

What they don’t tell you about entrepreneurship
First it’s “it’s not all fancy stuff or luxury, business is hardwork”… then “we are all looking for a quest/passion (should we follow it or not?)”… then he talks about how HE followed his passion (doing what he loves… so the work must not have felt HARD? Or maybe it did? Then what’s the difference between doing what you’re passionate about and the opposite?) selling bottles of something… and made only a meager profit, which he uses as the punchline, but when you actually think about it, following his passion hasn’t really taken him on the path what most people would call successful… and also that quest was probably/obviously not what made him a successful entrepreneur (even by his definition of it). So why aren’t we being practical and talking about real life, what MADE him successful..

Maybe his talk was not meant to help people become entrepreneurs… but how people generally tend to behave…but wait, he says the reason why people want to be entrprns IS because people want a purpose/follow a quest.

Okay so at the end he says you don’t WANT to start a business… you can fulfill those things by painting like that woman did, working for charity etc (which I’m sure won’t work, because for most people who start a business, MONEY would be a part of the purpose/reward).

And he says sometimes, your purpose can be your business, like it was for him, but he goes onto say it was hard work? How can your passion be hard work? Sure, we can picture someone working a LOT or what looks like HARD WORK to us… but surely it mustn’t feel like HARD work to that person? I mean isn’t that the point? To be fun? Fulfilling? Isn’t that why people leave well paying jobs… to follow their passion?

Maybe this guy hasn’t still found his passion… either that or he’s lying about it being hardwork, to sound important/accomplished.

A gaming addict doesn’t feel like gaming is hardwork, unless they won’t be addicted to it (sure, they would like to tell others it’s hardwork… to feel important). But for someone who loves to only paint, having to play video games would be hardwork… and vice versa.

Surely that lady wouldn’t have painted all those paintings if she felt like it was HARD work that she HAD to do… I mean from our POV painting for hours can look hard… a big accomplishment… but not for her…. otherwise she wouldn’t have done it.

A similar example is how someone who barely talks cannot fill 10 minutes of a conversation whereas a chatterbox can’t wait to get their turn to talk/won’t let anybody else talk/can’t stop talking (sometimes the same person can be both, depending on the context).

All in all, this is a terrible perspective/approach to business… just some guilt tripping, jokes and feel-good stories.

What they don’t tell you about entrprnrship, as it turns out, is that you don’t WANT to be an entrepreneur… you want a purpose (which I think is a fancy word to say satisfy your insecurities)… I think a better way to look at it is to identify passion for what it is… for most people that he is referring to, their PASSION/ADDICTION/YEARNING is not to DO a business, but sometimes to read about/talk about/watch videos about becoming a successful entrepreneur (which is born out of insecurity/demons or patterns built in their minds) and will eventually lead them to depression/dissatisfaction.

The audience doesn’t realize this because I’m guessing they’re probably blinded by the initial guilt after finding out being an entrepreneur is not all about luxury and fame… but doing hard work (which I’m guessing is not working for your passion, because unless it wouldn’t be HARD work).

He talks about passion(?) being what you’re thinking about all the time… like even in the shower (you could be obsessed about lots of things that won’t reap you financial benefits). What if you feel your passion/purpose is to live on a beach sipping a mocktail? or be a jetsetting entrepreneur?
You could be forcing yourself to work HARD (for something that has to be not your passion by definition), just for the sake of doing HARD WORK (so as not to feel guilty about doing something you’re passionate about/you enjoy and expecting success)… and be totally useless (not matching the audience)… and also exhaust yourself.
ALWAYS give examples to get them to see my perspective!!!!