Business Lessons From Top Gear

Top Gear
They couldn’t have done it if they could not have been not interested in/obsessed with cars
They don’t go home and say ugh I gotta read up on/research on cars… they probably can’t stop themselves/switch themselves off… talking/reading/watching about cars
Hammond’s performance in name the car by looking at only a small portion of it show
The chemistry between them is also real… they couldn’t have faked it… when you fake it, what you get is the new Top Gear (altho we can cut them some slack, they were pretty terrible)… the banter/rivalry seemed so fake/rehearsed… it was painful to watch
What becomes great (as in popular with the mass audience and therefore commercially successful) does not necessarily have a connection/relationship to HARD work/commitment. But, comercially successful or not, you can’t keep on doing something you don’t find entertaining/think is awesome.