Business Lessons From Your Blunder Years

Taste/world view/reality changes over time
Which is why you cringe when you see your past hairstyles/fashion choices in old photos or videos
Also why Jeff Bezos says every day is day one… you have to evolve with the ever changing perceptions of the audience… but being a huge company with an extremely well established audience perception (brand/trust/dependence/connection/emotions) helps a lot… makes you immune/somewhat resistant.

You can’t never cross/see the same river twice
Let’s be honest, you don’t call the river a different name… so it IS the same river… but that saying is also technically correct… because it has changed
Subtleties matter
Similarly, the perceptions/realities/patterns your customers see when they look/hear/touch/smell/experience your products are different. They are different for each person… and also different for each circumstance for the same person. But there are things in common (like how the river is still the same, basically, somewhat)… you have to identify those.

When you go back to your old YouTube comments, and they make no sense/make you cringe, that’s because the emotional factor that was present back then is missing now… you’re not seeing the same patterns

Imagine the POV of a company trying to pitch their products to you… now think about how complexly/illogically/irrationally your needs and wants desires change over time and context.