Business Lessons in Complaints

People will pay high dollar for a small coffee/dessert at Starbucks but won’t pay 10 cents for literally the same product at a roadside food stall/stand EXACTLY!

Guess you don’t need talent to be a famous artist these days. EXACTLY!

Kids these days are always on their mobile phones
If that is the reality, and you want to change it, don’t just keep blaming it and sayin it SHOULD change (because it’s not right/religious/ethical/good)… because chances are you won’t change it… not because you’re a stupid/bad person for trying to do that… because you blaming it is probably not what that particular situation needs… to change (unless in cases where it is)
This is only if that’s what you want to do (ie change the behaviour/reality)
If what you want to achieve is build authority, fear or guilt, then the best thing for you to do is shout/blame/accuse saying how things SHOULD be

Why are you booing me I’m right… well it is not what is right that matters

Using the truth to CONVINCE a large group of people (screenshot from r/entrprnr) is bad advice

A good entrepreneur understands reality well, accepts it and adapt according to it (to give it what it wants/suits it) instead of denying it
Now I say this very carefully because these type of statements can be misinterpreted and misunderstood easily.
Here, reality means the whole reality (hollistically)
eg. if according to the reality you find out what it needs to change the way you want is someone blaming it… then that’s what you need to do… but you have to know the reason behind it