Business Lessons in Phobias

Similar to horror movies, but slightly different because MOST people find horror movies scary, or at least UNDERSTAND why they’re considered scary… but some phobias can shock some people (as to why they even exist). This is about how there is no absolute quality (eg. beauty, creepiness) in anything… no central entity that makes judgments.
DIFFERENT people have vastly different perceptions of the same thing
How you can start from half a spider leg and build your way upto a whole spider and you will find the exact moment when the phobia (pattern) gets triggered

How different people see different patterns/qualities in different things
There is not absolute reality
One man’s cute is another man’s terrifying

How the baby sloth from r/aww ended up in r/oddlyterrifying both getting more than 2,500 upvotes
How the same person can upvote it after not being able to unsee it that way now
How different people see things differently
How context matters

One man’s cringe is another man’s cool