Business Lessons From La Signore (InsertCelebWhoHadHighDreamsWithHighConvictionButLessCommericalSuccess/AudienceAppeal)

Mocking La Singore backfired?Maybe all you CAN do is put out your passion and hope the stupid customers love it?You can be aware of the customers’ perceptions and still not feel guilty for them not liking your contentStop convinving myself the customers’ appeal/liking are gifts/acheivements that you can feel guilty about if not achieved… orContinue reading “Business Lessons From La Signore (InsertCelebWhoHadHighDreamsWithHighConvictionButLessCommericalSuccess/AudienceAppeal)”

Business Lessons From Dave Chappelle

Be the Dave Chappelle/Eminem in your fieldIn the sense that, speak your heart out (more like, find a way to get paid to speak your heart out)There must be many kids out there who are talking/acting/performing/rapping just like (like as in, with the same conviction/excitement) these two guys and getting called whack (which those twoContinue reading “Business Lessons From Dave Chappelle”

Business Is a Myth

Stop thinking this is a game of moneyIt’s a game of satisfying people (no, I’m not talking about being good/ethical/holy or that crap)It’s a game of self reflectionIt’s a game of facing your demons… destroying themIt’s a game of shifting your mind/teleporting to different realities “Business” does not exist. Business is people.Business is emotions… insecurity…Continue reading “Business Is a Myth”

Business Lessons From Mr. Miyagi

Business lessons from Mr. MiyagiKarate is in here taps on headSimilarly, (your) business is in your headThe reason those boys attacked/wasn’t threatened by Miyagi was out of his control (customer’s perception)But then it changedFrom now on, they won’t mess with old Chinese dudes… they’re seeing new patterns Business is here taps on forehead like MisterContinue reading “Business Lessons From Mr. Miyagi”

Walking Past the Cemetery at Night

Promote/convince your constructed ideas/patterns (demons) to yourself to see them collapse/disappear We don’t fear the unknown (sometimes there can be things we don’t know that we don’t care about at all)… we fear what we know (assume) about the unknownHow this differs from ignorance breeds fear etc. You will ALWAYS put out/produce/invent something that YOUContinue reading “Walking Past the Cemetery at Night”