Does Hard Work Always Pay Off?

If hard work makes you rich/successful…
What about all the people who worked hard/are working hard in their jobs/businesses who fail?
So, you shouldn’t work hard?
Truth is, you shouldn’t look at it from the perspective of how much you’re working… don’t TRY to work hard… don’t try to measure how much you’re working
Because the fact of the matter is, when you’re giving what your business wants, you will HAVE to work hard
People who work hard for their passion (sometimes the requirement of their business… which can also tie into their passion), become successful, look back and say it took them hard work is not a lie… but people who are starting out hearing those statements and taking them as advise to WORK hard… is wrong
It doesn’t always take hard work to be successful sometimes (cashmeousside girl and the like… and people who got viral)… and when you’re WORKING for what you’re passionate about… it doesn’t feel like hardwork… imagine you were told watch this much netflix/YouTube/play videogames for your job/project whatever… it would feel like hardwork… but you have already done all of that… because you liked them.
Think about having to write/talk this many words and now think about where you couldn’t contain yourself to less words… and kept rambling/writing off

Hard work
Passionate hardwork (which is like a donut addict/fanatic working in their own donut shop) (btw sometimes, being passionate about THINKING about doing something doesn’t necessarily mean you would feel passionate doing it… because of the mismatch of perception from far and upclose… context changes everything… which is also why video game addicts shouldn’t take up video game testing jobs?…. In the equation of passion, context is important… playing games in boxer shorts at home for fun -which your passion is- is different than playing the same thing as a job being evaluated.. which doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose your passion for it… you can meditate yourself into getting rid of the fake demons… but it’s very very hard)
May or may not give you success (in terms of response from the audience)
Makes you feel satisfied
Can recreate all you want… you can’t stop yourself
Non-passionte hardwork (which is like a donut addict trying to run a BBQ shop)
May or may not give you success (in terms of response from the audience)
Makes you feel scared/insecure/less worthy
A pain/impossible to recreate

Grind/hardwork/katta kaama/gemak gaseema are misleading because they imply/push you to do something that is difficult for you to start/keep doing