Don’t Worship Your Customers

Worshipping the customers like gods in the sake of customer obsession… is misleading

Mocking La Singore backfired? Take an example they know about (someone who creates for themselves, so not much successful in our eyes, still

If the mismatch with the audience affects the happiness you want (unlike Lahiru), you can recalculate your perceptions/visions by methods like meditation. But it should be a conscious effort you’re making being aware of the reason you’re doing it. Because unless, if you invalidate your previous likings and judgments, psychologically speaking, you will end up in a bad place. You will go down the rabbit hole/spiral down to where you find validation from customers for what is RIGHT/CORRECT, eventually losing yourself/confidence. Because remember, every idea/thought/art is valid.

Maybe all you CAN do is put out your passion and hope the stupid customers love it?

You can be aware of the customers’ perceptions and still not feel guilty for them not liking your content

Stop convinving myself the customers’ appeal/liking are gifts/acheivements that you can feel guilty about if not achieved… or vice versa
Launching many failed businesses is OKAY… nothing to worry about