Dragon’s Den — Disposable Plates

You shouldn’t depend on the reaction/response of others for personal matters… you should look at the perceptions/patterns/demons/images you have created (of others) in your mind.
But your business depends on it, so you have to consider it.
They’re NOT Going to Introduce a Product Like This! – Dragons Den

Deborah Meaden explains how good or bad products don’t exist in the sense that the success does not lie/exist in the product… how it always lies in the market… how the eco-concious wave came (where people were willing to pay premium to feel eco responsible) and is on the leave.
Deborah says this product has a fundamental problem but then starts her next sentence with people… what, is she mad? Well no, she is not mad. And she is absolutely right. The people will decide (remember, customer is the king/judge or to be more precise, customer’s perception that generate emotions is the king/judge).
She says last year (timing/context)… and now this year (timing/context)… because it’s important

How you must be aware if you’re riding a wave/trend or not… you can ride a wave but if you want to keep moving you need to grab onto a speedboat/shark while you’re at the top of the wave/before your wave dies of… but be careful/smart because the skills you need to ride a wave and grab onto a shark’s tail are two different things.

What changes over time? The whole universe really, for you and FOR YOUR AUDIENCE. So as their universe changes, their perceptions of a thing changes.