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Entrepreneur Knows Her Market Better Than Anyone Else – Dragon’s Den
How she based her business predictions on Mister Man books or something like that
Remember? All analogies are wrong
This is exactly what happened here… she saw/formed a pattern without considering all the components/aspects of the two things
Does that mean it would not be as successful as those books? No. Less than that? No. Because those two have almost nothing in common/they are too different to compare.
There are no perfect analogies but you can come close to one.
She should have found the main emotional appeal behind buying this… looked at the whole brand/product/emotion she is offering to the customer from their POV
Her confidence/conviction… it was totally reasonable/rational because her product WORKS
But dragons (I’m a little bit partial to the dragons in these videos so be on the lookout for any biased conclusions) must have seen the difference between a product THAT WORKS and a product THAT PEOPLE BUY which most of the times is a product that works… but the converse is not true (not all products that work are products that people buy)
Her obviously not seeing this (not her fault, how can you expect her to), explains the baffled look of disbelief/confusion when faced by dragons’ rejection
Now, there is no sure way to tell if the dragons’ assessment/assumption of the market/customer’s POV was right
But when I looked it up, I found out they were right
In the comments you can see different people citing wrong reasons why this is a failure… which can be technically true but you can see how the reasoning/logic behind them are wrong. They’re seeing the wrong patterns.