Dragon’s Den — The Beezer App

Dragons blown away by “toughest negotiation in the Den” Beezer App

How the dragons pitched to the duo with different percentages (and language?), giving different appeals
Why Peter gave an offer with higher percentage.. was he stupid… which percentage would you give if you were a dragon… it’s not about the percentage… it’s the whole package… the appeal for Peter was different
Which one worked?
Well, it depends on the guys, they might not see the different appeal for Peter (for example if they didn’t know about Peter enough… or didn’t see the patterns that Peter assumed they did)… or they might just get blinded by greed (to not to give away too much equity). Was it the right decision? Only time will tell (and depends on how you measure success).

How those guys had the dragons by the ropes… proof that it’s not about how you behave or whatever
You can see how the dragons were on the hook by their greed
A different pitcher would have been dismissed by dragons for much less rudeness/unprofessionalism (proof that it was never about that)
This doesn’t mean you should behave like you’re hot shit in your pitch to dragons… you can’t afford do that without having the dragons on the hook
Examples of when dragons dismissed pitchers for being rude, disrespectful to them etc when what they were actually expressing were disbelief in the product (sometimes wrongfully so, because they could have been successful)… and they were using the behaviour/seeing those patterns as excuses (which were generated from those aforementioned emotions)
After they dismiss Thej and disrespect others, Peter (who is usually judgmental and unforgiving) says he umm FEEL DIFFERENT (as opposed to IS OUT.. which I think he most probably would have been to quick to say to punish a different pitcher)
And Deborah seems to be torn between doing right by her friend or choosing the opportunity to make money (not sure/unclear)