Getting Practical

Spit out all of your passionate/non-guilty content all you want… but don’t invest money/commitment/a lot of time before researching the market/customers
eg. Sri Lanka might seem like an obvious market for food trucks (because of poor economy), but that sector may have not boomed yet because the culture of the island is such that people want

luxury/self esteem boost/dignity/posh brand affiliation when they’re paying above 500 rupees for food, which food trucks cannot give. So restaraunts may have been forced to invest on grand buildings to

get customers to pay a premium/higher price for the food (However, food trucks might have a niche social media appeal). At the same time, in USA where people have less need/insecurity for dignity

boost/self esteem boost (they might sit down on the kerb/sidewalk and eat), they might be more inclined to eat from foodtrucks.
Make sure your passion is about what you will be ACTUALLY BE DOING when you’re doing something instead of THINKING/WATCHING/READING about doing something (which is how most people end up with restaraunts they can’t get themselves to work in/run)

How to know if your idea will be successful before you jump on it?

You (your passion) are like the sun… limitless energy to give
But, for people to benefit from/worship you, someone (not necessarily you) has to give it to them in forms they can consume… as products they can’t live without
This is the tricky/hard part… because the format/context people are presented the energy in will change how they think of/look at the sun… the sun might not like it
The sun might not be comfortable with giving energy in the form that benefits people most
Look for a better analogy like a chef who likes to keep cooking?

Business is an unnatural thing
We are used to thinking our world view is the TRUE one… and the one that others also see or SHOULD see
So jumping into the POV of your customers is hard and unnatural

6 looking like 9 from the other side is simple
But when things get more complicated… well then things get more compllicated (turn your phone upside down)