How Jeff Bezos Looks at His Customers

How Jeff Bezos looks at his customers

Okay so the image of gollum is a bit of an exaggeration. But you get the idea. Gollum was obessesd with the ring – Jeff Bezos, about his customers – and for good reason. Customer obsession is the single most important business philosophy that has made Amazon what it is today. He has mentioned this in several occasions, when talking about the secret to his business success. Watch the video below to hear him explain it in his own words:

Cx obsession is not a secret among billionaires/experts in the industry (Bezos has been saying it out in the open for years… he is not teasing you). It’s because it’s one thing to KNOW this, and another thing to train yourself to get into that mindset when you’re conducting your business. So I advice you to follow as many of the lessons I have posted here, and other external resources I have referenced in the article.

Don’t expect anything from other people (quote) is wrong

When you practice cx obsession, you don’t have to go around desperately trying to be relevant to them and squeeze the money out of them.