I Want My Chicken Mcnuggets

Crazy people pounding on drive thru windows yelling at fast food employees to serve them
Shut up and take my money (I know, not the correct use of the meme)
Suffering from success – DJ Khaled

Crazy people trying to break the drive thru window at McDonald’s
Quote: Become so successful in business that people literally fight you to take their money (buy your prodcut)
A business’s dream come true?
The reason McDonalds has people fighting to be their customer is not because they have built the perfect wheel (the color of the logo, name, etc doesn’t have to be exactly what they are now to have had this… they didn’t unlock any magic)
You don’t need a perfect wheel, you just need one that rolls… fast
People are not doing it for/to help McDonald’s… they’re doing it for themselves… which means that technically the USP of a business if created (and therefore found) in the (mind of) the CUSTOMER!