Inventing for the Customer

Inventing for the customer
Henry Ford said, people would ask for a faster horse… explain… So basically, build it and they will come? But Jeff Bezos says, listen to the customer, give them what they want. Both Ford and Bezos build gigantic business empires. Assuming they did not lie, there must be a common theory that applies to both of them.
In 2011, Amazon release the fire phone. It was a total failure. Clearly, they had not done enough customer research/obsession about what makes an Apple or Samsung user to switch over to a phone released by the largest retailer in the world. And you can easily find out what exactly they missed with a quick Google search. Looking back now, it might seem obvious, but when you’re planning this out from inside the board rooms of Amazon, you can easily miss it, no matter how many years of customer obsession experience you have.

Does that mean Amazon will never succeed in the smartphone business? No. Surely, there must be some format/offering out there that

The bigger the invention part becomes, the more unique your product will be but the more risk you will take.

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Train the “audience” in your head to be similar to the mindset/TASTE of the actual people out there… stay updated (minus the insecurity regarding greatness… this is what will make you a leader/influencer/great/figure/the USP)