Is Conan the Next Ellen?

Is Conan the next ellen?
He has all the qualifications
But you need a catalyst/something that starts the negative perception/seeing things in different light
It comes from people who don’t have the patterns-that-make-him-likable in their realities. They only see him as the annoying unfunny creep.
If you pay enough attention (and see the right patterns) you can predict his cancellation a few days early
His comments on guests involving sexuality
His tweets where he calls himself a creep
YouTube comments
It’s fine because it’s Conan? (like the SNL skit where the black janitor is tolerated by everyone)
Well yeah, that’s the truth really. And that’s fine… that’s how it works
But cancellation occurs when a new force/perspective enters (context changes)
Sometimes, people might lose more by cancelling him (that part of them dies). It’s not about Conan, it’s about themselves.

Business lessons from Ellen
How she got away with being mean for so long, on broad daylight
How the tables turned
What was the final straw… why didn’t the previous straws break the camel’s back?
Again, emotions born from patterns (context)
Her response
How it can happen again and is probably happening now (eg. Steve Harvey, Dr Phil, Gordon Ramsay)
Was ellen an asshole?
I think she was aware but she never saw the evil side of her actions… felt guilty… because if she did, she would have toned it down in the fear of being cancelled… because she is not dumb… she was oblivious to her own bullying
How she should have obesessed/researched about ALL of her audience (the haters or people noticing the bullying)… then she would have avoided it

Also, when you’re cancelling shows like ellen, you’re killing a part of you that lived on ellen… Instead of focusing on punishing her (which you can do without killing the show)… focus on not damaging the hearts of millions of people. Don’t try to act like we didn’t consider her a saint and rally around her. Don’t just suddenly be like oh yeah she’s the worst overnight. It’s unhealthy to you.

The princess and the frog… catfishing made romantic?