James Cameron the Truck Driver

Now this is not about how he went from rag to riches. There are plenty of truck drivers out there who are dreaming about being a star who will never become that.

It gave him time to think… meditate. And speaking of meditation, you know when you are looking out the window of a car/bus and go on a mental journey… that’s a type of meditation (however, how much VALUE it gives you depends on what you ponder about).

Business lessons from James Cameron
The reason he was able to teach himself how to make films by just reading xerox papers/copies of doctoral dissertations was because he had a passion/thirst for it… unless he wouldn’t have been

able to go thru thousands of pages/binders of it.
It was a hobby for him
It’s one thing to make films that YOU think are good… it’s another thing to make movies that PEOPLE think are good
There may be more Camerons who had the similar passion, made movies, but weren’t succesful because the audience didn’t think they were good
Timing played a part… you prolly can’t copy the exact path of him now

Quentin Tarantino/James Cameron Howard Stern interview
You can’t turn it off (talking about someone else coming up with creative/awesome stuff… seeing world in a different light)