Math is Fun?

How attempts to make learning boring subjects seem fun come off a pathetic and sad most of the time fail.

But kids learn a lot of things (that they feel guilty about learning too much of) everyday. Like slang, celebrity gossip, texting abbreviations (insert telegram abbreviation from past).

For someone to TEACH a kid the same amount of information, it would take ages/so much effort.

How Top Gear teaches you about geography.

And how LOTR/Comic book/Star wars fans have all the information in their minds… no information is inferior to other… it’s just that some may bring more value than others.

How sports fans have all the information about the teams in their minds without insecurity.

How Jeff’s smile switches from evil to adorable depending on the context… but he stays the same (how to avoid tax legally meme)

Context… when you take out the image of Bezos, change the font to Calibri in black, and change the context from meme on Reddit to slide in college, it becomes something else… and harder to grasp… does this mean colleges can make things interesting or easy to learn by putting them in the format of memes? Hell no! Because you KNOW (have the guilt) that this is an uncool meme your professor made… but, documentaries can work…. it all depends on the context.