Mercedes Benz Chicken Commercial

You can never have the perfect wheel
Merc admin is making a fool out of themselves
Minor blemishes/imperfections are okay
Benz chicken body control ad
Admin hearting and replying to comments with laughing hard emojis
The commenters seem to be happy… because merce-fucking-dez noticed them… made them feel validated… but is that what Merc should want? prolly not.
You can’t feel you’re better than others/can’t brag about your benz when the admin is rofl’ing to YouTube comments… shouldn’t be like that but emotions are like that
The comment that says as a marketing student I’m going to take notes on this… which he/she probably said because they feel since they’re in marketing and this is an unusual ad that stands out they SHOULD be taking notes… but what will your notes say? What can you learn from this?

Jaguar’s reply to benz chicken ad
They changed the perspective of looking at the animals to show a different aspect/quality of it

A BRAND IS MADE UP OF LOTS OF COMPONENTS… your brand/it’s like a wheel… it doesn’t have to be perfectly round… it can have straight edges here and there… but you still need to be able to roll it… when the wheel reaches the point it doesn’t roll, then your brand is poor/has failed