Never Give up, or Let It Go?

Don’t give up is bad advise
Don’t try the same thing/chase a mirage is also bad advice

Take a look at the images below. They have been shared this many times… so a lot of people had agreed on them at some point in their lives.

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Are you getting mixed messages?

The truth is, there is no hard and fast rule that can apply to every scenario. God knows how many people made wrong decisions by taking the advice of these images.

Never give up?

Winners never quit, quitters never win they say. Albert Einstein has said those who keep doing the same thing expecting different results… So which one is it? Maybe the take away is you should not quit trying to be an entrepreneur – but you should try a different business? Maybe keep at the same business but with a different strategy? Or product? Or marketing? It can all get very confusing. Almost every successful businessman has left at least one of their unsuccessful businesses in the past, which in turn led them to the one that became successful, which they kept going at without quitting. So how DO you know what to quit and when to?

To learn that,
Imagine you’re Lil Nas X in 2016. You have released 100 songs. All of them flopped.

What becomes successful (but not what you should do, because you can only do your non-guilt for long, happily) is what the customers like, irrespective of what number try your work is.