Please Join Our Band?

The tribes we lead – Seth Godin (Ted Talk)
Makes use of snarky/judgmental remarks at people who have humiliatiing (choose a different word) jobs to make himself interesting
I want to argue… classic technique… works almost all the time… can’t go wrong… one of the most fundamental appeals that works almost on everyone… good job there
Breaks a bulb with his foot… cute gag
Also, if the mass media is dead, why do TV commercials (including Superbowl) cost so much?
Unfortunate juxtaposition… the example would have been logical if the ad was from the same company (is it?). Politically inaccurate old ads are a bit overused now, don’t you think? But we have to remember the audience… they might be old… because they DO laugh… which is what matters… he also obviously carries some authority where people would laugh at anything he would say.
He’s a smart guy, no doubt about it. His work speaks for itself. However, more often than not, experts in a field tend to not point you in the best direction/give you the best approach or POV when they are talking about their field.
Mass media sending general messages to masses shown as an outdated, stupid idea. However, having been seen on TV, billboards etc by non-customers as well can be a part of the appeal for the select few who DO become customers. (Give example)
He’s obsessed with niche crowds (tribes). Sure, the internet has made it possible for thousands of small like-minded communities to form but he doesn’t talk about what makes them form and not form… how you can use this information to your benefit. It’s a bit misleading because it can makes you think people are waiting to join some sort of tribe, which is very misleading. It’s true to a certain degree, but there’s a lot more work that goes behind the formaton of one. You can connect with a group and go somewhere he says… but having the internet doesn’t mean all the gatekeeping, conflicts, laziness etc has vanished. A tribe is still a very complex structure. You can’t get people in white hats who cook or sail to make them identify themselves as such and form a band or go on a picnic… it’s way more complex than that. Lots of generalizations and bad examples included probably for the sole purpose of comedic effect. He obviously seems to enjoy his standup comic persona (who wouldn’t?) but sadly it compromises (what should be) the actual function of his speech.
How to form your own tribe.
The GOAL of these articles is not to attack anyone, but to breakdown/demistify ideas/concepts/personalities/brands that are considered great, so when you have trained your mind, you can create one yourself in the future.