Revisiting Maslow’s Hierarchy

Cuba’s underground gaming network
Underground illegal raves
Maslow’s Hirearchy failed?

How you have been misled by Maslow’s Hierarchy
Of course it sounds good on paper… I mean, yeah of course it makes sense. But it’s a dangerous angle to approach the needs of your audience
How some people who starve spend big bucks on clothes etc (and other examples where it contradicts)

Francis wearing a clown wig to get a lift in a truck
Proof of Maslow’s?

How far would he/you have taken it?

Would he/you have done it if he was being filmed/streamed to millions?

Moreover, using Maslow’s hierarchy to understand people’s behavior is very bad… use a holistic approach

Maslow’s Hierarchy broken
People risking their life for a selfie on top of a high tower/jumping off one

Maslows hirearchy… models who starve