Skyler White’s Red Lipstick

Business lessons from Breaking Bad (Skyler White’s lipstick)
How they (actual drug dealers) created a product that doesn’t need no marketing… customers chase them for it (drugs)
How actual drug dealers started adding blue color to their meth.. genius on their part… and also a testament of how big Breaking Bad got
How BB got rejected from TV networks… means those TV networks didn’t know the US audience well… or they could have jumped on the golden opportunity
Also proves you don’t need to feel discouraged as long as you know where the true value lies (audience)… which is a HUGE benefit of doing customer research/obsession… which you can ALWAYS trust. But it helps to keep in mind about the customers in between also (TV executives)… because what if they were too late to release it and the meth cooking old man market was saturated?
Skyler White’s lipstick shade… why and when you should and should not