Spaghetti Sauce

People wouldn’t have said they want extra chunky sauce = Henry Ford’s quote about how people would have asked for a faster horse

Also, in Howard Moskovitz’s experiment, it only proved that some people say they like extra chunky spaghetti sauce when they are quizzed about it by an old guy with a lab coat, in the presence of other people, at a food testing facility, to where they were brought in by trucks (according to Malcolm Gladwell). This does not necessarily mean that those people would choose to buy the same in a supermarket when they are doing their weekly shopping and keep buying that regularly (which is what matters for the company). And it does not necessarily mean the opposite either. This is because there are vastly different emotions at play in those two scenarios.

However, we can safely assume that for both scenarios to occur, their needs to be some sort of love for a chunky variety of spaghetti sauce at the core. And that, we can use to make a profit.

Another thing to consider is that although you can safely assume that a huge portion of the chunky-sauce-lovers who were at the sauce tasting would probably buy that type of sauce the next day, you can’t say the same for all the chunk-lovers out there who have not yet tasted one such chunky variety. So they might not even be aware of their desire for the chunk yet, in which case you will have to give out samples first to awaken the chunkaholic in them.