Super Brands Are Not Hidden Treasures

NOTE TO MYSELF: All kinds of brands should be visualized as patterns seen/liked in the heads of the creators being put out (NOT SOMETHING THAT EXISTS OUT THERE, OUT OF ANYONE’S

IMAGINATION… for eg. the modern concept of luxury in the context of food/tropical hotels/fashion are born in human minds out of patterns seen in everything they have been exposed to), then aligning with patterns seen (and fulfilling needs emotional needs/insecurities born as a result of those patterns) of the audience (in that time and context)… NOT something that was bound to have happened
eg. The same good feeling (knowledge of success/confidence/beleif) that the creator of NIKE got when he started and ran his company was felt by thep creator of GIXXR shoes… both have them had their own (versions of) visions of cool/hip sportswear brands that would take over the world as a global fashion brand. The exact same “CREATIVITY”…. But, only one of them became “SUCCESSFUL”… because only one of them aligned (not 100% with all of the audience tho) with the audience’s appeal for a global fashion sportswear brand. Still, the conflict of POV (kaleidescope/prizm) exists… which is part of what creates the fanboiness/allure/DISTANCE/celebness/feeling that this is GREAT and makes someone pay for it (the MONEY/COMMITMENT a customer pays is proportional to how hard it is for them to have the same feeling your brand/product brings, without buying it… this concept can be understood in the context of non-business like behavior too, like doing something for someone because you want their approval/validation… here too, for the cool person their coolness is ordinary/non intimidating/non guilt… however, due to the conflict in POV, the distance is created which acts as a motivator for the second party to work/pay etc).
The content someone can put out with non-guilt/passion has some alignment with someone somewhere at sometime… you just need to find it… make conscious effort to adapt etc. They KEY is not to lose your non-guilt (that’s why you shouldn’t necessarily try to do anything and everything someone else has done and become “successful” by… your non-guilt is different…this knowledge will also save you from a lot of FOMO and indecision of path)

Even the logos/colors/other aspects of the best brands in the world are not absolute/destined to be just like that
Apple/NIKE could have succeeded with different logos… maybe be more success… maybe less
You can never have a perfectly round wheel… and you don’t need one either… you just need one that rolls… imperfect wheels can roll
This doesn’t mean you should compromise… there IS no compromise… there’s no way to know if you’re compromising or not (because you don’t know if you have the perect wheel or not)
The perfect wheel doesn’t exist… and that’s perfectly fine