The Blind Leading the Blind

Customer is the judge… but it is not gospel… don’t be ashamed/feel guilty if they don’t give a favorable decision… they’re imperfect.
Business is guilty people trying to please guilty people
The truth about
You can’t sit down and write THE PERFECT ESSAY (in terms of audience perception)… your first essay MIGHT go viral… but that doesn’t mean anything if you didn’t write it with non-guilt

Worshipping the customers like gods in the sake of customer obsession… is misleading
Mocking La Singore backfired?
Maybe all you CAN do is put out your passion and hope the stupid customers love it?
You can be aware of the customers’ perceptions and still not feel guilty for them not liking your content
Stop convinving myself the customers’ appeal/liking are gifts/acheivements that you can feel guilty about if not achieved… or vice versa
Launching many failed businesses is OKAY… nothing to worry about

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