The Customer Is King, but It’s Not What You Think

Worshipping the customers like gods in the sake of customer obsession… is misleading

The customer is the judge… rather than the king. He can be wrong, but he will always decide what goes (his right will be the ultimate right)

In that reddit entrepreneur thread.. treating customers like you like to be treated… it’s bad

Without following the customers likings, introduce something new and interest them they say (on reddit prolly)… the fault in this

When you have this knowledge at the core, you can easily approach/understand/adapt all the other big theories in business with ease/without conflict/without confusion/without headache. I want to ask you to REVISIT every single business theory you have been taught (except ones purely related to finance) and see how the logic behind them can be understood by using customer obsession/DOMINANCE OF THE CUSTOMER’S EMOTIONS.
You can listen to Gary V, Kiyosaki or any other MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, read about the Law of attraction or Rich Dad and Poor Dad or even scammy fake gurus without the fear of accidentally getting brainwashed to join a cult or submit/give out your credit card information/social security number.
The main function of those motivational speakers is to amp you up… make you feel like you got to know something new. But does that mean there’s nothing of value to take from them? No. You just have to be really clever to filter it out, and understand them in a real sense.

So what should you do? THIS or THAT? What you should actually do is stop trying to find patterns in other businesses. Because there is no grand theory that fits all successful businesses (except that they all satisfy their customer’s needs in some way). There is no particular TYPE of business that you can start with guaranteed success. The truth of the matter is, every business in unique in its own right. The biggest factor is how well the offerings of the business satisfy the emotional needs of its potential customers. And as you already know, those emotional needs vary from time, region, age, sex, profession, beleifs etc.