The Donut King

Donut King
How after those refugees fled Cambodia and came to USA… they were willing to do any job… they just wanted to survive
Instead of approaching this with Maslow’s Heirarchy and intrepeting this as people will first look for food and security to survive, then look for jobs with self esteem later, approach this with the perceived/generated reality driven by emotions theory. Their perceptions of reality (which includes themselves and rendered in realtion to/with regards to) themselves changes over time and with context. This theory can be applied to everyone all the time.
Their interpretation/perception of security, self esteem, achievement, intimacy and all those things (with regards to how much they have/lack at the moment and therefore need to achieve) changes over time (context).
Actually, all those qualities/components/desires/needs are PATTERNS that don’t exist in their pure form in real life
How ignorance is bliss with regards to immigrants who opened donut shops and rose to the top
They didn’t have the fear of the big competition/success
All the discrimination etc that an Asian born in America was aware of didn’t register in their minds… it probably happened to them but they didn’t validate those incidents in patterns the same way (seemed insignificant)
How Winchell’s and Dunkin couldn’t overtake Cambodian mom and pop shops doesn’t prove that little guys can always beat the big guys.
No (Also, there are no absolute big guys or small guys). When you look into why these things happened, you can see that the mom and pop shops had the clear advantages free labour, mom and pop shop appeal from the customers, handmade quality prolly.
When they do manage (or not) to take over later after decades, it’s a whole different game
The emotional treat of consuming a well known brand that you can mention on social media has come in to the equation
Here, DD wins over mom and pope shops.
Mom and pop shops don’t have the benefit of free labour anymore because kids have goals now
The owners of the mom pop shops have heard stories about big corporations taking over… so they might get discouraged/scared and give up, close up shop and not make any attempts to fight back by changing/improving their appeal… even if there WAS any hope left for them
DD will go harder now, to compensate for their past failure
When they had more customers on the day DD opened
People’s appeal to fight for the underdog/age old loyalty
Would this last forever?
If the mom pop shops were able to convince DD that they had failed again (using the long line of customers as proof), they would succeed… whereas in reality, all DD had to do was hold on till the underdog/old school appeal runs dry (if that was the case).
DK was able to adapt to the social media age by successfully creating a different appeal to DD (by making use of their inherent characteristics like family owned business on the corner about to be crushed by a giant, an icon/a symbol in the community/handmade by real people known in the community/one of those legendary small businesses that is popular across the country with the donuts of which are hip to buy,consume,eat) which actually proved to overcome the big brand appeal
The cronut!
The poop donnut
It didn’t come to life by that guy forcing himself to find a way to trend by using cool social media stuff (like emojis/memes)… it was born as organic… because he saw the appeal in them… he liked it himself
You could have thought of this by forcing yourself… but you would have felt too guilty to push it to its full potential (by bravely unveiling it and sharing everywhere)

If I were to write an essay “How to stay in business for a long time – a study on Cambodian donut shops in CA” I would be terrified… ALWAYS look into your emotions
A study… I hope I won’t miss anything
There’s probably a LOT of things that other people know about these shops/culture that I know nothing about (feeling guilt)
I have to measure upto all the big scary studies I have seen previously
NEVER GIVE YOURSELF A HEADLINE/TITLE/TOPIC FIRST WITHOUT THE CONTENT… AND THEN FORCE YOURSELF TO WRITE CONTENT THAT FITS THE TOPIC (you CAN do this but you have to really get yourself out of the guilt/unlearn/stop convincing yourself that you’re going to do something hard to impress someone that is hard to impress… you can do this by jumping into the POV of every component/scary demon that you’ve created in your head)
In college essays, you would have to compromise and meditate a lot (to forget your guilt of being TOLD to write this… the guilty feeling of wanting to perform upto standards which only exist in your head?)
Train your mind to be genuinely interested
Write a LOT (You can never write ONLY and EXACTLY what you will submit as your essay… the trick is to write MORE… imagine you have paint on your feet, and you have to paint a steel bar that is hoisted up by walking on it… you would struggle… but if you get it on the ground and walk all over.. sometimes stepping outside too, and THEN hoist it up to present to the judge, you will succeed)
Keep what will appeal to whoever is marking your paper and format in a way that appeals to them, taking into account the function/value the essay is to them (remember, your performance and his evaluation are two separate processes… the latter is not in your control and therefore not a test of quality that lies within yourself)
Your guilt (more precisely, non-conviction) however, CAN cripple you in place on the second day/second week/second month and thereby bring your business down

Similar to above, never give yourself a product that you will then force yourself to create

Because just like the customer, you are also trapped in your head/guilt… you like what you like and don’t like what you don’t like
As time goes on, the passions/guilts of both the customer and the business changes… so to keep the alignment between those passions, the business has to move… this is called evolving