The King of Bollywood

SRK lies (sorta) to Letterman in that documentary
I’m an employee for the myth of Shahrukh Khan
There is a misleading way to look at this? yes!
You can’t work for something you don’t believe is true? Because the guilt will get you? That is the human nature?
If SRK doesn’t see the appeal in himself he won’t be able to perform?

You can’t always ACT to portray a certain image. You can’t always check yourself like that… well you can, but you will soon fail. It will drain you.

Because when you’re intimidated by the greatness/celebness of SRK, you are going to feel like you will never measure up to his standards. It will be like a fan trying to imitate him.

So assuming he isn’t lying, he couldn’t have meant that.

So in that sense, no, you can’t be the employee for the myth of yoursel.