The Unibrow Experiment

Unibrow experiment – Mark Rober
It’s not a test of good or bad people (nothing is)
People felt uncomfortable so they were trying to escape the situation (which may or may not say something about their charactor, but this is not about that)
Amount of words spoken is really not a good measurement of discrimination/hate towards someone
You can cuss at someone for really long
Or backpeddle on something you said that you feel was insulting/demeaning
People judge your beauty based on the gap between your eyebrows (ie, people are really shallow) is very misleading
People with unibrows are not common. So it does catch you off-guard. Then you become uncomfortable. The situation is awkward. You don’t want to be rude by acknowledging their unibrow, but the same time you can’t un-notice it either. That is why you do what seems like the best thing to do – you try to get yourself out of that situation as quickly as possible. You give them the help they need in few words as possible. Remember, your brain is not politically correct.
It’s not the size of the feature that matters… it never has been, nor it ever will.
Something small/big can mean something serious/light. And that’s not something to be surprised about.