Walking Past the Cemetery at Night

Promote/convince your constructed ideas/patterns (demons) to yourself to see them collapse/disappear

We don’t fear the unknown (sometimes there can be things we don’t know that we don’t care about at all)… we fear what we know (assume) about the unknown
How this differs from ignorance breeds fear etc.

You will ALWAYS put out/produce/invent something that YOU think is great
Your aim should be to try to align your taste with that of your target audience… but with the difference in perspective
eg. You draw a painting that you think is great… now, for it to sell, someone needs to think the painting should be great as something done by YOU… in the context it’s presented to them

Guilt is one of the reasons I don’t allow advertisements or affiliate links in my articles
Makes me feel biased

Listen to those fleeing thoughts in your head
They are they key to your happiness in life
Look at them carefully
Audit them

Change “walking past a graveyard at night and acting not scared while looking obviously scared” to “getting fake scared/acting scared by your kid in his/her halloween costume”

Your demons are like shadow puppets
They’re not real and it’s you who is creating them yourself out of nothing (making yourself see patterns that don’t really exist)
When you break them off you can see your fingers for who they are