Why Discipline Is a Myth

Arnie’s interview talking about how him working out all the time is not discipline, it’s addiction
zenhabits article in OneTab

Vini productions would have quit a long time ago if they didn’t have the passion (ie if they were not getting any emotional treats during the years that led upto their success)
They haven’t wasted their time/been foolish only because they found fame now… but how can someone know that beforehand… famous unath nathath kiyala karana ewun thamai famous wenne…

mokada egollonta thamayi karan yanna motivation ekak thiyenne… eka nathuwa katawath mukuth karanna ba… there’s a reaons why you’re not making tiktoks in your leisure/writing erotic fiction/making

vlogs/drawing sand art/making music right now… you might be motivated to push/force yourself to start something like that… but you are not doing it/won’t be able to continue doing it if your first piece of

content doesn’t go viral.
Content making should be an effortless process
Something you cannot not do