Why Fake Gurus Are a Thing

I called Cardone a fake guru outright because I don’t want to give the wrong impression that I promote him.

Grant Cardone… Don’t listen to a millionaire/Don’t take advice from a millionaire… then the next video is How I became a millonaire
This lesson is not about how Mr. Cardone is a lying condescending fake guru who scams people out of money/not an attack against Mr. Cardone (who I strongly advise against following), but a look into why so many people haven’t seen (and therefore are not talking about) how Grant is contradicting himself.. daylight robbery/trickery in front of their eyes… because although the titles of the videos directly contradict with each other, the perceived emotions (as intended by Grant) are directly in align… so they can

Use this method to earn this much in a day YouTube videos
Why don’t they do it themselves?
People who watch it.. so many of them? are they all idiots?
People can be blind to a whole dimension
That TED talk where those two guys change shirts/coats without the audience noticing
Lois from Malcolm in the Middle not seeing that car coming and blaming the cop… bad example?
People who are scared/injured not noticing a lot of things in the heat of the moment
Some mental experiments are probably available which prove this (that people don’t observe things right in front of their faces)
You can’t find something but then mom comes in and finds it
You can’t do something/focus on something but then you sleep on it it’s eazy peazy the next morning

SOOO many SECRETS to success/becoming a successful entrepreneur that you can’t even cover them all… but if you leave even one out, you’re taking a risk?
It’s like the Key & Peele skit marbles where when you think that’s it… there’re more marbles to come. It never ends.
No, now you don’t have to run around trying to cover it all… no need to watch ALL the motivational videos on YouTube

Whenever you’re getting business advice, remember that content/person, as the main function of it, is trying to make themselves attractive/selling themselves to you (including this article).
Explain with Guru examples