Why You Will Never Be Great

Why you will never achieve greatness/You can never achieve GREATNESS (as per your reality) because it’s so far away… you feel guilty
You can only achieve what you think is normal… now you have to tear apart the (non-existent) greatness to see them for the normal things they are… then you can achieve it… sure it won’t feel like that great wonderful thing you saw before but you can’t have the cake and eat it too/have it both ways
Great artists/business people don’t really see their status as great… they simply can’t… I mean how can they… they’re just them… they still feel insecure… they don’t really feel like they’re this amazing incredible confident indestructible creatures (take examples from interview where celebs/famous people say how mediocre/insecure they are)
Greatness is not an intrinsic/noble/profound value found in the chosen ones
You can see this for yourself when you reflect back on yourself and try to sell that greatness/pattern/reality (which you have formed in your head) to yourself/someone and then you will see it for its mediocrity.
It’s like you’re scared by the shadow of something… so you never approach it… turns out to be something very tiny (The bark is fierce than the bite or something)
This is exactly what happens… you have to convince yourself/realize/see for yourself that the shadow is being cast by a tiny creature… but as long as you see the shadow… you’re too scared… you get nervous when you step closer