World’s Most Pathetic Elevator Chime

Elevator chime: screech
13 million people: Ah yes entertainment/Interesting
Context and format matters!
Comment: Old YouTube was Gold Youtube? Not really, old feels gold only NOW!
Comment: You know a YouTube video is gold when:
– Duration is really short
– Old af
– Has millions of views
– Pops up in recommendations for no reason
– No clickbait
– Title has zero context
– Have lots of similar ass comments like this
World’s saddest elevator music
Before internet, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to get 13 million people wait for that one particular elevator light to turn on and make the sound.

Only high quality YouTube videos get lots of views
Not true… a misleading interpretation
It depends on the context
Some grainy videos are classics which got viral

Millions of people watching cars going over potholes.

The guy who made those videos essentially set up a camera on the side of the road.