You All Look Alike

Do twins look alike?

Yes, they do. But not to their parents. Why is that? Overtime, you inadvertently start to notice additional patterns… you associate their appearance to their behaviors… the way they talk, their facial expressions, posture, gestures and etc.

In other words, you can say the people who first see them unknowingly ignore/look past those subtle patterns.

Those subtle patterns are not-so subtle to anyone who have been with them for a long time. They can’t not-notice them.

If one of them has slightly different skin, hair or jawline than the other one, you can’t help but prefer the appearance of one over the other. And this makes it very difficult for you to mix them up. You cannot not notice the different features.

It’s considered racist to say people of a certain race or ethnicity look the same.

When it comes to gender, they want you to ignore all the differences and see them as basically the same. But when it comes to this issue, they want you to notice the subtle nuances.

I think absolute pc is a complete illusion.

It’s just like those celebrity lookalikes. If someone shows you a lookalike of a celebrity that you haven’t seen before, you might not be able to distinguish them properly, specially if they don’t show you the way they walk and talk first.

It’s the same as looking at two different apples which are basically the same, but as we know, are not identical. So they’re technically not 100% similar.