Your Business Is a Prism

The difference in POV’s
Kaleidescope vs Prism in the corner (The reason a prism was chosen is because it gives different images depending on which side you look in)
Remember, all analogies are wrong

Looking at a laser engraving inside a glass cube… how different people see different versions… and without the glass the engraving doesn’t exist (no absolute truth exists)

YOU are also a customer of your business
The link between the customer and the business (offer) and the link between you and the business are two different things… for a business to be successful, you need both of them to be strong/healthy
Regarding the link between you and the business, your mind is not your slave… you can’t force/punish it to work/think a certain way… you can’t escape guilt (mafia game)

Have indifference/empathy for YOURSELF too.. don’t beat yourself up… treat your mind well… it’s your source of creativity

Talk about how it should match your appeal and not exhaust you

All business is personal

Testing/focus groups/gathering reactions/opinions is your key… it would also benefit to have someone (who is in align with the average customer perception) or group ready to always test out your ideas for their “success” out there.